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Inside No.9
I've been watching Inside No.9 recently. I've watched the odd episode when it was on BBC, but been making an effort to work my way through it on Netflix recently, and I have to say it's a fantastic piece of work.

Is anybody else a fan?
I've never tried this. What's it about? I know it has two dudes from League of Gentlemen in it but other than that, not a clue. Although obviously with the t'interweb these days, that's not a valid excuse........

Currently a 12 week self-isolator but more importantly a lifelong movie fan.
Leigh Film Technical Director, IT veteran and now a website creator
It's an anthology series, every episode is a completely different story. Some are more heavily comedy, some more horror based but they're just really well written, well plotted stories.
I’ve actually never watched it , but my daughter Emma was production secretary on the series

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